Android as a security camera, motion detector and more

If you want to know your home, your loved ones and your property in safety, you do not have to install an expensive security system. A reasonably up-to-date smartphone and a suitable app can already do a good job.

You feel uncomfortable leaving the house in the morning? You would like to see to it from time to time on the way? Or you just want to prevent your valuables from being lost? For all these and more scenarios we have a simple but effective solution. In most cases, you only need one Android smartphone and one app.

With the free app ” Guarding Expert for PC “, Which you can find in the app menu as” Anti-theft alarm “, you can use your smartphone for theft protection. The mobile device then acts as a kind of siren that starts when the device is moved. To set the alarm, first select in the main menu what action the siren should take: when the charger is disconnected, when the smartphone is moved, when the smartphone is pulled out of a bag, or when the SIM card is removed. We choose Scenario 2, so the device can also guard luggage or other items, for example. Once you have decided on the option, you will need to set how you want to end the alarm next. Here is a pattern and a PIN to choose from.

Then switch to the settings of the app via the three dots on the top right or via the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you can now specify when the alarm should start after the detected movement (“grace time before alarm”). In addition, among other things, the sound of the alarm can be changed here. You can also reset the pattern or PIN, adjust the sensitivity of movement and define the behavior of the smartphone during the alarm (vibrate, blink etcetera).

Once all settings have been made, position the smartphone in the desired location and then tap on the desired option in the main menu – in our case, on the motion detection mode. A short countdown will appear and the message “Please hold the device down”. This message is a little irritating because it translates incorrectly: If you hold the device down, the alarm will start. What is meant is that you should place the smartphone horizontally.

If the alarm is active, it will be shown in the display. If a person now lifts the smartphone, the alarm starts and can only be switched off again by entering the pattern / PIN. If you want to completely deactivate the alarm, tap the mode box in the main menu and then enter the pattern or PIN. By the way: The alarm does not work when the screen lock of the smartphone is active! You must therefore deactivate them in the device settings under “Security”.

Motion detector: message received in case of unauthorized access

There are many fields of application for a motion detector. For example, it can deter potential burglars if it is linked to an alert. If you have problems with dog piles in the garden, a motion detector with video recording helps you to find the cause. And of course you can also find out who opens the cellar door. All you need to build it are two smartphones, the Surveillance Spy Camera app , your Google credentials, and a Dropbox account to save the video to the cloud.

First you have to define in the app which smartphone should act as a camera and which as a monitor. To do this, launch the app on both devices and select “Viewers” on the configuration screen for the device you want to use to access the stream and “Camera” for the device you want to use as a motion detector.